That Which Nourishes Us

I don’t know why it came as such a surprise to me how large a role food would play in our lives. We must admit to not taking food much into consideration when it was just Craig and me. In fact, the two of us are still known to drive through certain fast food establishments (the shame!). But it’s a completely different story when it comes to Wes.

Not a day goes by when I’m not thinking about what to feed Wes, or shopping for food for him, or preparing said food. I’m practically at Whole Foods every other day picking up organic blueberries and bananas or at Publix stocking up on frozen veggies (they are just easier that way, I”ll admit).

When I took Wes to his 9 month pediatrician visit, late because he’d been sick at the proper time, the doctor reassured me not to worry about Wesley’s hefty 24 lb. weight. Apparently it’s right on track with his growth curve. Then he said to me “you can now move on to Stage 3 foods,” to which I replied “Doctor, please. We are SO beyond Stage 3 foods in our house.”  Have you seen my soon make his way through a banana?

I make a conscious effort each day to ensure that Wes had some protein, some healthy fats for his developing brain. Did he have whole grains? Green veggies (and in other colors)? Is he trying dairy products in preparation for moving away from formula? Did I offer some fruit? The fruit, dairy and whole grains seem to come easy. I’m probably guilty of not offering enough green veggies, though I try to throw spinach into scrambled eggs. Wes doesn’t do so good with broccoli, so I have to make a better effort with other tasties like brussel sprouts perhaps. I need to work on the proteins, too, especially at lunch. There is so much to think about. I also try to take into consideration if I’ve presented a variety of colors for different nutrients, different textures. In short, this whole feeding thing is a lot of work. I take it pretty seriously. Though for all I know, Wes may revolt soon enough and demand nothing but chicken nuggets and pizza. I hear that’s par for the course with toddlers, so I better brace myself.

Dinners I’m having to leave up to Craig (with some help from Mimi on various nights). I feel that our eating dinner together is very important, but because of my evening working schedule, it was coming at too high a price. We were sitting down to dinner at 4:30 pm, and we went through a hellish month where Wesley was waking up four or five times at night, apparently starving (even though he drinks 7 ounces of formula before bedtime). Things are a lot better since I left the last meal of the day to just daddy and Wes later in the day.

In the meantime he’s enjoying feeding himself, which is a messy endeavor but worth every minute. Here I mixed brown rice with some applesauce to ensure more of the rice stayed on the spoon (er, it doesn’t always work):

And delightfully stuffing his mouth with blueberries:

Isn’t my son’s pincer grasp a thing of beauty?

Happy eating y’all!


6 thoughts on “That Which Nourishes Us

  1. So adorable and what a gorgeous smile! There is something so beautiful to me about a baby who has a healthy appetite for his fruits and veggies…and a baby that enjoys feeding himself…thanks for sharing your lovely videos!

  2. We still haven’t come CLOSE to figuring out the eating thing. I have a feeling our girl will be on the bottle a little while past her first year (3 weeks!), just because at this point I still don’t know how else to keep her food completely balanced.

    But glad you posted on the topic, because it reminds me to thank you for sharing info on Baby-Led Weaning. We haven’t gone far into the self-feeding aspect, but it really changed our lives in terms of WHAT we feed. It’s funny, she’s even tried a ton of foods (duck, Turkish food, Vietnamese food) that I didn’t try for the first time until my 20s!

  3. I read somewhere that the importance of family dinners is the “family” part, not the “dinners” part. Maybe you can have a family breakfast, or a family evening snack, or (heck) a family Sunday brunch! I think as long as you’re cognizant of the goal, that’s enough for now. You have to figure out what works for you.

    And yes, his pincers grip is adorable!

  4. Adorable! Oh, Lou, Wes and Finn are going to make perfect lunch partners! Both have healthy appetites. In fact, Finn and I watched Wes chow down together, and Finn kept saying “more,” wanting to watch the videos again and again, especially the one of Wes eating the banana (Finn’s favorite). So funny. I just posted a clip of Finn using his “gork” to eat broccoli, carrots, couscous, and tofu (or, as he calls it, “fufu”).
    Can’t wait to get together with you soon… and to have the boys play together.

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