Photo Love

I’ve added a new Photo Love heading to my sidebar where I can link to photoblogs I’m currently stalking.

I”m sure I come across as a “Mom with a Camera,” but actually, I’ve loved photography for as long as I can remember. I always toted around the Canon film camera my father gifted me eons ago — until it was stolen from a hotel room in Tel Aviv, that is. I was, to put it mildly, crushed. And it took me a bit of time and money to replace it with my current digital Canon Rebel XT.

Of late, I’ve been feeling a bit limited by my camera though and have spent countless hours researching and drooling over a new full frame Canon. It’s entirely too too ridiculously expensive, so it’s not going to come my away any time soon. So then I wondered if I could squirrel a bit of money away every month for a year to get my hands on this dreamy new lens. And yet, is it ridiculous to mount that baby on my little old XT?

Every once in a while, even with my mostly unwilling subject, I still manage to snap a few photos that I don’t entirely hate:

Settings for both:

50mm 1.8 II

f 2.8

1/200 sec

ISO 1600 (because this is what it takes to a get a decent shot with natural light inside an apartment)

My unfortunate tendency to chop off body parts continues, grr. I love my 50 mm lens, but it may be too tight a fit for shooting indoors with my cropped-sensor camera. And Craig *hates* using this prime over a zoom. I don’t love even the expected amount of noise at that ISO, but I guess I can live with it here. Still, the eyes came out lovely all on their own without any post-processing, though I’m finding that I can only rely on the cross-type center AF sensor to get those results consistently.

Oh, I wonder, what else I could accomplish with a little better equipment?!


8 thoughts on “Photo Love

  1. You know my opinion on the matter — you’re one of the best kiddie-photogs I know. (And that includes the professionals! Or at least the ones in my neck of the woods….) Love all your wonderful photos of your little man.

    • I’d love to photograph Finn, though I wouldn’t do any better a job than you’re already doing. I love every photo I see of him on your blog. Still, I agree that I can’t wait to have the boys playing together again!

  2. I would look at buying the Sigma version of that lens – it is far superior to the Canon IMHO. I love that lens, and I’ve used both the Canon and the Sigma extensively. Plus, it will be kinder on you wallet.

    I’m not sure what mode you are shooting in, but from the settings you posted, you aren’t using your 50mm at it’s most open state (1.8), and I would guess that you aren’t in Manual mode. Switch to Manual mode and you should be able to “force” the camera to shoot at 1.8, which will allow you to gather all the light out of your surroundings (though your depth of field will be shallower). Plus, at 1/200th of as second – that sort of indicates that the camera doesn’t want all the light available to it (proubably because you are at 1600). In manual mode you can shoot at a lower shutter speed (more light) and a lower ISO then too. You should be able to capture your little guy without his movement blurring the shot with any number higher than 1/50th or so. The Rebel is really rough at 1600, true.

    If you really would love a full-frame, a lot of photogs are selling their 5Ds because they want the new 5D Mark 2, so you might be able to pick up a used one fairly inexpensively.

    I hope all of that isn’t gobbledy-gook. I just thought if I could help keep you from spending more than you have to and still achieve your goal, great right?

    • Thanks for the reply Molly! I really appreciate the advice.

      I do shoot in manual, but I’ll tell you the problems I’ve had. I’d read, and I think I’ve noticed from several shots, that my lens is just not as sharp at 1.8 as it is 2.8, for example. Perhaps what I need to do is invest in the 50mm 1.4 so I can use it as 1.8…

      Many of the first shots in this series were done at 1/60, but almost all came back with some blur because of baby movement, lol. Maybe I just need to have a steadier hand. Not sure if that would help. Chalk it up to lack of experience for sure! I can’t change my settings fast enough when working with my fast son: that’s my biggest problem.

      I’ve been trying to somewhat emulate what I see others whom I like do, and it seems when shooting children, they are almost always shooting faster than 1/125, if not faster than 1/200. Then again, the probably have better light, better equipment, and just know more.

      I appreciate all thoughts as I learn more. Thank you so much for taking the time to post.

  3. Beautiful photos! Such lovely eyes! After saving for a year, on saturday I just bought a Nikon D90 body with a Nikkor 50 mm 1.4 G lens. I have the camera body sitting in my room but I am just waiting for the lens to come into the shop, probably about wednesday. I can’t tell you how excited I am to have upgraded my camera! It took so much saving for, every month, for a year! It’s a serious investment for me and I hope it will last me a few years! I really hope you eventually get the camera of your dreams!

    • Oh Rosaleen, I’m so happy for you. And your photos were already AMAZING! That’s a sweet lens you got, too, from everything I read.

      I think saving a bit each month is the way to go. Maybe I can save up for the new lens for the winter holiday season. Maybe!

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