35 before 35

Nicole’s post over at Making it Lovely inspired me to create this list. I’ve never made one before. I don’t even ever make New Year’s resolutions. But I was inspired to make the list, thinking it may help make me accountable for some of the things I’ve been meaning to accomplish for some time now.I thought it would be hard to come up with the requisite number of items, but the opposite was true actually. I thought of adding “Finding a pretty welcome mat,” but I’m kinda committed to not buying anything house related until we buy a house next year (fingers crossed). And I love how many of the items involve my husband, our son, our welfare. Those boys are my world.

Today’s a perfect day to post it, too, since my birthday is exactly seven months away:

  1. Get the Moleskin journal I’ve been coveting – and use it regularly
  2. Write the short story that’s lived in my head for years
  3. Outline the YA novel that’s lived in my head for months
  4. Move into my new office at work and decorate it this time
  5. Record at least one screen capture tutorial video for my online students
  6. Begin work on my own textbook
  7. Celebrate Craig’s graduation
  8. Help Craig set up his first classroom
  9. Catch up on Wes’s baby book
  10. Make a photo album for Wes with family faces
  11. Complete Wesley’s first year video
  12. Baby-proof the living areas to which Wes currently has no access
  13. Revamp Wesley’s room
  14. Take Wesley to the beach for his first time
  15. Organize our bedroom closet
  16. Buy a pretty dress (maybe one like this)
  17. Steam clean the carpets – or have them replaced
  18. Pay off another credit card (we paid one off in full TODAY: woot!)
  19. Get life insurance
  20. Write a living will
  21. Write our will
  22. Master custom white balancing in camera
  23. Master proper exposure
  24. Properly learn how to use the basic tools in Photoshop
  25. Fill in my beautiful address file
  26. Organize our home office (bookshelves, desks, filing cabinet, closet)
  27. Get a Brazilian Blowout
  28. Grow basil
  29. Bake a loaf of bread from scratch, preferably the French crusty kind
  30. Reduce amount of time in front of the television
  31. Update Itunes with my CD collection
  32. Clean up my computer (Outlook, back up photographs)
  33. Sponsor another Donors Choose classroom project
  34. Get a facial and commit to a skin care routine
  35. Get in better shape

I may just head out to Barnes & Noble and start work on #1 today!


9 thoughts on “35 before 35

  1. nice list! I like the idea of a 35 before 35 instead of a bucket list…being that, of course, the end of the bucket list is not too pleasant. I will be curious to see how much you get done! Good luck! Keep me posted for sure. Hope all is well..miss u! I might start on my own 35 before 35 now.

  2. What fun! I made a list about 16 months ago but have done almost none of it. Unlike you, I wrote the list PRE-baby and just had no idea how little time and energy I would have for things like hobbies and how rarely baby and I would make it out on exciting field trips. Still haven’t figured out whether to revisit the list on my blog when the birthday rolls around, or just to whistle a happy tune while looking the other direction…. (Good luck, and have fun!)

    • I tried to edit myself with the list to things that I thought would be possible, because yes, lol, it’s almost quite IMpossible to get anything done with the babe. I’m guessing a lot of it will happen in the summer when Craig’s around to help me!

  3. You know me I’m always late for everything and it doesn’t help that I’m computer user challenged but I just read this and I love it – how is it going? I’d love to read some stuff. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help. I’ll need to try this myself.

    • Slow, but I think I’ve got some of them covered, LOL (at least two or three). I think I’ll do #16 for Lucy’s wedding! #14 is going to have to wait ’til closer to October. I won’t set foot in the beach this summer.

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