Bibliofiles: March 16 2010

(Bibliofiles is my new series of posts keeping track of the books we’re currently reading and loving; a play on words on bibliophile, meaning a lover of books)


Spring has come to Wesley’s library. We switched out Little Scholastic’s Welcome Winter and Gerda Muller’s Winter for their Spring counterparts. I’m really fond of the Little Scholastic seasons series and am anxiously awaiting Welcome Summer‘s release. So far, Welcome Winter has been our favorite of the bunch (that delicious crinkly snow page alone is worth it). The Gerda Mullers books are an entirely different animal. No words on the page: just lovely illustrations. Just look at the child in Spring cuddling up with a teeny tiny fox:


Hiding behind the spring books are Eric Carle’s Spanish edition of Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear? and Guess How Much I Love You (being the smallest, these normally sit on the lowest shelf, but I wanted to get a better shot of the Spring books, especially since they’re Wesley’s favorites at the moment). We kept the large Usborne book of Spanish words out this rotation because it’s one of the few books in Spanish we own, plus Wes gets a kick out of opening it, turning the pages and then sitting square on top of it!

One Gyo Fujikawa book replaced another, and the other new addition is Linda Bleck’s beautiful A Children’s Treasury of Nursery Rhymes. I bought this book back when I was pregnant, and everything about it is adorable, from its velvety spine to the raised illustrations within:

I hope it becomes a fast favorite.

Please feel free to recommend yours, preferably in board editions. Although Wes is no longer chomping on his beloved books, he’s not exactly gentle with them either. As I’m currently reading The Jungle Book to him, and he loves to come over and handle whatever book is in my hands, I’ve learned how adept he’s become at tearing pages. But we’re always looking to add more to our wish list.


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