23 March 2010

Wesley’s birthday party is now only four days away. More importantly, in four short days, my son will be a year old. This is astounding to me, and I am not sure I have completely wrapped my head around it yet.

Wes and I headed out this morning and picked up the last of the needed supplies, I hope. Now all that is left to do is put everything together come Friday and Saturday. I am anxious for the party already, and somewhat saddened that some people will be unable to make it. I guess I am more looking forward to the private celebration Craig and I can have with Wesley later that evening. The birthday ring I ordered should be arriving later today. I kept waffling on whether to get it or not. This is the first Craig has heard of it, and it’s possible he’ll find it a bit silly, perhaps, but I’m glad I ordered it after all. I like that we’re starting a new tradition, and I’m partial to ritual. Plus I was lucky to find the perfect ornament to celebrate one of his first year’s milestones. I can’t wait to share it with y’all.

For the past few days, we’ve also lived with the practice ball pit set-up we’ll be erecting at the party. Since Wes isn’t walking yet, we thought he might need a little fun spot to get away if things get too crazy or just to sit around with a friend or two.

There’s no evidence of it in the photograph, but you’d be surprised how many balls it takes to fill in this little pentagon: 500! Can’t say I’m looking forward to packing them all up, twice, come Saturday.

I’ll feel better about everything once my working week comes to an end Thursday night. Wes thankfully slept in a little later this morning (he had been awake practically all the time between midnight and three a.m., after all), and I was able to use the extra morning hour to catch up with my daily grading quota. That means that I can finally take a nap myself today while Wesley does. And nap time is now. Better get to bed.

Hoping your rest is peaceful,



4 thoughts on “23 March 2010

  1. Happy Birthday beautiful boy! You are very lucky to have such a beautiful Mommy, as she and your Daddy are blessed to have you! I wish you a lifetime of sweet dreams!

  2. Finn and Keith and I are looking forward to celebrating with you on Saturday! I can’t wait to see your birthday boy in person; it’s been too long since our last play-date! Sorry I’ve been so out of touch. I’m not so good at this working-mom-bit. BUT my Spring Break started about an hour ago, so I’ll be in party mode tomorrow! See you guys then!

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