High Chair Drama King

He looks like he’s in the middle of an aria or a Shakespearean soliloquy, but really he’s just throwing his head back in a tantrum upon realizing there are no more tomatoes left on his tray. I could have worse problems than a child who likes to eat his fruits and veggies.

This photograph was taken with the Canon 500D/Rebel T1i I stole borrowed from my father (gracias Gordo!) whilst he’s away visiting my beautiful older sister and her family in Washington. It’s a welcomed temporary upgrade if for no other reason that its LCD screen puts my XT’s minuscule low-res one to shame. I can actually tell now just by looking at my camera if my shot was in focus: welcome to the modern world.

Truth be told it couldn’t have come at a better time because I was really getting down in dumps about my photographs, and though no piece of equipment is going to make me a better photographer, it’s an incentive to try out something new and see what’s what. I’d been getting nothing but duds for days. I’ve pretty much given up on using natural light inside this crummy apartment. And you’d think there’d be tons of it outdoors in South Florida, but we’re always out at the wrong time of the day or the elements conspire against us.  I take Wes out on the perfect overcast day only to have the clouds betray us and part ways.

And though I’d rather shoot with natural light, I also happened to remember that I am the proud owner of an external flash, and y’all, using that flash to get this shot (though nothing out of this world) may have saved me from giving up this dumb photo hobby of mine once and for all. Here’s hoping to capture something else half-way decent over the weekend!


3 thoughts on “High Chair Drama King

  1. Lourdes, this is a great photo. I too am looking to ditch my crappy point-and-shoot and venture into the world of D-SLR, hoping that it will make me a better photographer. Happy shooting!

  2. I hate trying to get natural light in an apartment! As you can probably tell, my latest attempts have been pathetic! I just don’t like having all the windows open all the time (people can see in and the dog barks). But it looks like you are doing a fantastic job working with what you have!

    He is adorable and getting so big!

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