The Littlest Chef

We probably have many toys in this house because I’m crazy about them. These days, Wesley’s stacking toys, little wooden car, pull-along crocodile, etc. often sit untouched. The kid would rather be in the kitchen taking bottles of cupcake sprinkles out of the baking cabinet and shaking them all around. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if I walked into the kitchen right now and found a hundred blue sprinkles all over the floor.

But as I mentioned last week, Wes is really enjoying his new little kitchen. And I’m as wild about it as he is. I can’t wait to get us some proper tiny wooden pots and pans. We have had to resort to cooking our eggs and cabbage in plastic cups. At least we have access to water, orange juice, ketchup, milk, honey and strawberry jam. Our toast are better for it. And we don’t even mind storing our egg carton in the washing machine. We’ll make use of all the space we have:

It may just be true that becoming a parent is the closest you’ll come to re-living your own childhood. It sure is looking that way for me…

(me, November 1979)


9 thoughts on “The Littlest Chef

  1. I love it — the kitchen, the post, the everything! I was just thinking about getting our son a play kitchen for his upcoming first birthday, but thought it might be better suited for Christmas when he’ll be around 18 months. This past weekend’s fascination with our spice drawer and your post is making me think otherwise. On that note: do you mind sharing where yours is from? I love the clean, simple lines and the wooden accessories are fantastic.

    • We thought about waiting on the kitchen, too, but as we had seen it once a long time ago only to then see it disappear, we scooped it up the second we saw it for sale again. It’s the Playworld Kitchen Center from Target (it comes in red or pink, or you can paint it any color you like. Someone on flickr posted a photo of the Playworld sister kitchen set painted green, and it’s just darling!). The little wooden toys are part of the Plan Toys Food and Beverage Set. Be aware that both are technically rated for children 3 years and up, but we personally felt comfortable setting it up now. I’m sure Wes will play it with differently as he gets older, and the kitchen will just grow with him. We just love it!

      • I am so glad there are other moms pushing the age limit on toys. Our guy (10 months) has never shown much interest in his own toys, but as of late, he’s been crawling over to our spice drawer and playing with all the knick nacks in there, as well as opening our cupboards and having a ball with the stuff stored in there. My husband claims that buying a play kitchen will be futile, because he still wants in OUR things, but I disagree and the stories of Wes having fun with his kitchen gives me hope. Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Such a cute little kitchen! And that pic of you is absolutely PRECIOUS! You saw how Finn completely TORE apart his little kitchen — and heard about the pile of curry powder on the floor (Finn: “Cinnmon!” Mom: “Oops! No, Finn, that’s not cinnamon! That’s curry!” Finn: “Curry!”). He and Wes will be baking us some (healthy?) cookies soon…

  3. Hi there,

    Where did you get that adorable kitchen set? I love it! We are beginning the search for some larger, more interactive toys (my son is just a few months younger than your adorable Wes). I love all of the accessories with this set.

    Love your blog!


    • No worries Jennifer! Just in case though, I bought the wood food play set on Amazon. The plastic cups we’ve had for a while; I believe I bought them cheap at ToysRUs. The cabbage is part of this set, which was a gift, but I believe also purchased from Amazon.

  4. Hi!! Natalie here (pin trader from Dolphin Mall) and Jorge Perez’s friend too =0) Wanted to let you know how crazy and small the world is. I just got my “the knot” magazine, I sit on my couch to dream about beautiful gown and the book opens on page 232 (I’m not even kiddding) and guess who I see??!! YOU AND CRAIGGG!! yayyyyy!!! Congrats on the article and hope both of you are doing well. I used to mostly chat with Craig and others on the Dizpins forum and now that’s been closed so haven’t kept in touch! I hope Wes continues to grow healthy and happy ! He is such a cutieeee I want to pinch his cheeks =0) Take care!!!! Here’s the link to my honeymoon blog so you can follow if you’d like !


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