Mother’s Day 2010

So here’s the handsome boy who made me a mama. And there are days when I swear he’s ten times more over the moon for his father than he is for me. And my tender heart – and ego – are a little bruised by it. But I think being a mama means loving unconditionally, so I try to keep my chin up even when I’m not the chosen one. And anyway, there was this night my son spent his whole bath time playing with my hair, and when I took him out, we looked at ourselves in the mirror and smiled. Wes glanced back at my non-mirror self and planted a great wet unsolicited wide-mouthed kiss on my cheek. I think about that night and know: that, for sure, is love.

Happy Mother’s Day mamas.


4 thoughts on “Mother’s Day 2010

  1. Oh, yes, what a handsome boy — who looks like his beautiful Mama in these photos.

    I know what you mean about those silly, little heartbreaks. When Finn has his “Daddy, Daddy!” moments (for Daddy is so crazy and funny!), I, too feel a bit bruised, but remind myself of how lucky I am to have a husband so involved with my son, and how lucky Finn is. Wes, too, is lucky to have a great Daddy. But I’ve seen you with Wes many times — and seen the undeniably close and wonderful bond the two of you have. You are such a FANTASTIC mother: incredibly loving, patient, and conscientious. You’re so on top of your game that even though Finn is nearly six months older than Wes, I still get information from you that I was “planning” to seek out but never got around to. It seems that your mothering talents benefit more than just Wes!

    Happy Mother’s Day, friend!

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