Summer Arrives

Summer may not formally come ’til June, but it’s arrived for us already. The intensity of the heat in South Florida tells me so, but nothing announces it more than the end of the academic year. My summer term began just a few short days after, but it feels like a paid vacation in comparison to the months that preceded it. I have assignments to grade already, but I can work entirely from home from now until August – no more night classes at all, I hope; no more office hours for at least a few months. And Craig is finally done with school. Insert sigh of relief here.

I don’t think it’s entirely coincidence that the resulting peace in our hearts and in our home is corresponding with what I can only call a wonder period in Wesley’s life. He’s simply magic these days. Everything about him at this precise moment in time seems wondrous to me. Every other phrase that comes out of my mouth is a proclamation of how madly in love with him I am. I can hardly make sense of what he himself is saying, but I can tell you he is saying a lot, and he’s at his cutest when he utters “oh no, no, no.”

So these are the days these days. Spent some time last week at Disney. Went swimming in Mimi’s pool. Are happy just sharing some lazy time together playing toddler Guitar Hero or pounding away with a hammer.

(can you see his enormous molar here?)

Spring has always been my favorite season, but summer is starting to look like heaven.


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