On Father’s Day, 2010

Dear Craig:

You spent your day doing something I love rather than something you love. Thank you for showing our son what it means to love someone every day, even when that means sitting through a musical. Thank you for your handiness, the things you build and arrange and fix for us regularly – for teaching our son not just the value of thinking but the value of doing, the work our hands can do so lovingly. Thank you for tossing Wesley up high in the air, letting him fly perched up on your raised feet, hanging him upside down as he giggles madly; in short, for the things that scare me but the way boys play, wildly and with abandon. I know that in your arms he will always come down safely, land on his two feet soundly, that the childhood you now give him is his best protection from the often unkind world he will grow into. And that even then, you will always be there to catch him.

All our love this Father’s Day – and always.


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