The Black Eye

Wesley went and whackadoodled himself nice and good just in time for his ring bearer duties next week for my sister Lucy’s wedding. He wasn’t even in the middle of one of his daredevil acts, as he has taken to wanting to climb on everything these days. No, just your usual boy walks into sofa scenario, sofa wins. These days, it seems not an hour can go by without Wes taking a tumble or bumping his head, all in pursuit of the art of walking. It’s tough to be a baby.

It didn’t even seem so bad at first, though there was blood and that was scary:

Except within a couple of hours there wasn’t just a small bloody mark but an ENTIRE BLACK EYE, the bruise just continuing to spread all the way to the corner of his eye – and the eye bloodshot too to boot.

My friend Sybil assures me babies heal fast and he’ll be back to his pretty self before the wedding next week. And I think she’s right. Already this morning the scab came off and the bruise started to yellow:

That’s a sign it’s healing. Right?! Now if someone could assure me he’ll walk down the aisle without completely melting down…but that, I’m afraid, might truly require a miracle.


3 thoughts on “The Black Eye

  1. Don’t be such a worry wart!

    And my two cents on getting Wesley down the isle…. let him know there will be a bowl of blueberries waiting for him at the end of the isle. LOL

  2. Still the most beautiful little guy around…black eye or not…to be totally honest 🙂 Just think, he has his first one out of the way! He’s a trooper!

  3. Oh my gosh! I switched over to google reader and somehow forgot to add yours so I haven’t been here in forever. And I can’t believe how big Wesley has gotten! Oh my goodness!

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