Truth be told, this new working people routine of ours is a bit deadening. The days seem to come and go so quickly – I’m afraid they’ve taken a toll on my blogging, among other things.

Fall is still a couple of weeks away: in one sense, the start of school seemed to mark the beginning of fall long before its true time; on the other hand, fall might as well not exist for us in South Florida. It is perhaps the one season more than others that goes unrecognized. We simply have hot, hotter, a brief stint of cold (by our standards), less hot, then back to bloody hot.

Wesley seems completely impervious to these temperature variants. He only cares that he’s outside, never mind the heat. One of the best things we did earlier in the summer was create a little outdoor space in our balcony.  When he’s feeling less lazy, he may even stand by the sliding glass door saying “outside.” Most of the time he just stands by said sliding glass door pointing and grunting to be let out (who needs to talk anyway?).

He  is completely obsessed with the letters and numbers that make up the foam mats we placed over our little slab of concrete.

And he’ll demand that you take out his favorite ones for him, lest he rip the whole puzzle apart himself:

Playing with zero is loads of fun, though not as loved as 8 or 5.

And if he’s not out sorting numbers, he’s anxiously awaiting the filling of his watering can, then the emptying:

Or he’s climbing atop Craig’s old footlocker, the perfect surface for dump trucks and bulldozers to roll or be pushed up walls:

Summer may be nearly over, and with it, our lazy days. But my little outside baby takes no notice, happy with his little oasis only a couple of steps away, the perfect spot for tossing a large red ball, drinking smoothies, blowing bubbles — any time of year.


2 thoughts on “Outside

  1. Wesley is growing more and more handsome by the day. I love his curly locks!!! You have created a perfect little oasis for your little man. It looks wonderful and I only wish we were there to be able to watch him enjoy it. Miss you all!!! xoxo

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