Water, Water Everywhere

Our little trip to a water park sometime this summer = total failure. Believing Wesley would love it as much as he loves being in the pool was a gross miscalculation on my part.

What a difference a couple of months and some exposure make!

Wednesdays are splash days at day care. The first week, he chose not to partake. The second yes. The third, he had a change of heart. Now it’s always on. We got to see for ourselves how much he loves it when we took him to the park that recently opened in our neighborhood.

He ran through, sat on, splashed about and otherwise greatly enjoyed all the water features had to offer:

He even volunteered himself for some monkey in the middle action:

As we walked out the door on our way to school this morning, I could have sworn I felt a rare coolness in the air. Surprising, but perhaps fall is in fact making its way to South Florida. I know our splash days at day care are now counted – only a few weeks remain, until next summer. On our own, we’ll have to take advantage of the warm weather that remains. Wesley’s not ready to give up being one cool dude:


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