Wesley Fox: Year One

#11 on my 35 before 35 list was to complete Wesley’s “first year in review” video. I fell about a week short of my self-imposed deadline — and well, about 7 months short of his actual first birthday! — but seeing our finn’s garden friends post their beautiful year TWO video sufficiently made me feel like slacker and lit a fire under my butt to finish what I’d started almost a year ago.

In some ways, the passing of time made putting it together that much sweeter. It really was a labor of love, and if you have ten minutes to spare, I’ll hope you’ll watch the video and see why:


8 thoughts on “Wesley Fox: Year One

  1. What an amazing gift that you have made for Wesley. I wish that I could say that we had the same amount of archiving for dear Ryan, but digital video was not as it is today 🙂 I absolutely love the video and I loved seeing your sweet family! Well done, my friend!

  2. Oh, Lou, it’s so, so lovely! Well worth the wait. Keith and I were chuckling and awwing the whole time, and we’ll show Finn tomorrow. With your Wesley’s handsome, precious face and your great photography, it’s a work of art! Can’t wait to share more fun with you and your boy. We love you both!

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