I feel like I’ve been sick for two whole months, since October when I got food poisoning to November, when we all three got a nasty cold that got Wesley his first set of ear infections and landed me in the emergency room with an ear infection of my own. I hardly even got to enjoy Thanksgiving. But sick or not, Wesley keeps on trucking, eager to spend as much time outside as humanly possible. If he could sleep outside, I dare think he would.

So we headed out to the local fair this weekend, thinking Wes would enjoy seeing the crazy rides and the cows and goats, and of course, he had no interest in any of these things. We might as well visit open empty fields as far as he’s concerned. He just wants a big open space in which to run around.

Never mind the cables or sorts of hazards all around.

Never mind the pizza or the lemonade (bad, even by fair standards).

All he needed to keep him occupied were some bubbles and some dirt:

He doesn’t even look like he’s enjoying himself in these photos, but believe me: if he could chase bubbles for hours on end, or touch rocks and leaves, or jump in puddles, he’d be one happy kid.

It’s nice to know that even after getting over one cold – and on his way to another one, I can already tell from the new runny nose – he’s still as cute as ever.


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