Catching Up

It’s almost been two months since we said hello. Hello!

Trying to get back into the groove of writing regularly and taking more photographs (if I can find the camera’s charger) . We’ve been away, but we’re probably doing better than ever. Summer is almost here. We’re living in our first real house (still not having entirely unpacked). We were all three kids at Disney for a few days. We’re eagerly awaiting Craig’s school year to end and summer to really start for us as a family.

Wesley is a year older – and healthier. At the end of my semester in early May we went to see an allergist and found Wes to, for now, only have a small reaction to dust mite, then visited the ENT, who confirmed his ears were full of junky fluid. We stayed home together all this past month, my sweet baby and me, keeping away from the petri dish that is day care and staying clear of dairy for a while. The results are two clear ears and a passing score on the hearing test. He’s talking more than ever now and is fond of holding up his hand to his ear and stating in surprise “I hear _________!” – the telephone, a trumpet, crickets, a motor – the world. Looking forward to new summer sounds in our backyard and all around.


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