A New Home

Wes is in his room fighting sleep after a long lovely day.

This morning, our beautiful friends came over for a playdate and to see our new home. We ate delicious souffles and chocolate croissants (which I cannot claim to have made). We three took naps. We then drove around our new neighborhood and bought two 25 cent cups of lemonade from the girls down the street (I paid a dollar and still felt I hadn’t paid enough). We took our new remote control boat for a run in the pool. And maybe tonight Craig and I will get to sit back and watch a movie. In our new home.

We’ve been here two months and love it more each day.

It needs things, yes: a lot of work in the backyard, a lot of landscaping in the front one; more storage space in the kitchen; a new sink in a bathroom; a cleaner, not-milk-stained sofa and nicer furniture all around; some artwork. But it’s a nice large house with room for many toys and many books – with a pool to swim in and a yard to run around in. And a place where beautiful things have already happened, like Wesley’s first painting:

And where there is always a lot of light and a lot of love.


One thought on “A New Home

  1. Thank you so much for the wonderful visit (and tasty treats) in your bright new home! We are so happy for you, and Finn had a fantastic time playing with Wesley (ahem — and his toys!). Can’t wait to get together again very soon. Next time we’ll have to go for a swim.

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