1st of December

He’s been going to Craig’s barber, Mario, for his haircut for almost two years now…

And aside from that first time, he’s cried his eyes out for every haircut since — until now.

It helped that this time, when we told him we were going to see Mario, he thought we meant the Super-plumber-Luigi’s brother-save Princess Peach Mario. And that Mario fed him two or three lollipops. And that he got to play a racing game with daddy through the ordeal. We’re not above subterfuge. Or bribery. Clearly.


One thought on “1st of December

  1. Love these shots, Lou! They feel so old-school, as I’m sure was your intention. You sure have two handsome men there.

    At SOME point, we’ll have to cut Finn’s hair. I’m not eager to do it — but Finn is ABSOLUTELY OPPOSED to the idea. I have a feeling the first time will be an at-home-tiny-trim of just one of his locks… just to get us all warmed up without too much trauma!

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