I love that Wesley loves board games as much as we do. He can already (for the most part) follow the actual rules of the games, and he can definitely sit through various rounds of each one of them. We’ve been known to play a few different games all in a row, and yesterday alone we played our newest game five times. We are, however, still working on how to be a gracious loser. Sometimes he’s great at it – and will ask to play another round so that mama or daddy can also win – and other times it will crush him to lose and he’ll throw a fit. I think it must be the age, but he’s very interested in the concept of “winning” recently. It’s a work in progress. No matter. We’ll keep practicing by playing the games he currently loves, Hi Ho Cherry-O, Busytown, Chutes & Ladders, Memory, Candy Land, Cootie (a little less), and our newest addition, Bus Stop:


4 thoughts on “Gaming

  1. I have many happy memories of playing Candy Land as a little one, and have been anxiously awaiting the age when we can introduce it to Elsa. Didn’t realize she might be already there! (Love reading from parents with same-age kids. Too rare.)

    Hope you’re doing well. Many good wishes to you.

  2. I think that “winning” thing is definitely a phase. Finn’s certainly been stuck in it! We haven’t had much luck with board games recently: he doesn’t ever want anything bad to happen. He just wants what he wants when he wants it. We’ll try harder this summer — and maybe even let the boys try a board game together? What do you think? Maybe Wesley’s interest and focus will rub off on Finn…

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