Monday, March 18, 2013

Wesley’s birthday lands over Spring Break this year, so school held his Montessori classroom celebration a bit early.

This is the idea behind the Montessori birthday celebration:

“Children are given a first impression of the relationship between Earth and the Sun and taught that a year is the amount of time it takes for Earth to circle the Sun once. Children are told the story of their lives, year by year, from birth to the present day. Using a globe for the ‘Earth’ and a candle for the ‘Sun’, a large circle drawn on the floor, and photos of the birthday child at different ages, we gather all around the circle. We put our candle in the center of the circle and light it. After learning how long it takes the globe we are carrying to circle the candle (Sun), we give the globe (Earth) to our birthday child and allow them to walk around the circle as we tell the story of their lives while stopping at the time on each of our pictures. [A child who is four will walk around the circle four times.] We end our celebration with singing and allowing the birthday child to blow out our [Sun] candle” (Source).

It was very special for Wesley and for me. His friends also seemed to enjoy it, and they happily sang to him in both English and Spanish – and then one of his teachers also sang “Happy Birthday” to him in Basque. It was really quite lovely.

Happy almost 4th Birthday my sweet wild sensitive boy.




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